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Schlagwort: Politics

Daily dose of rhymes – 2023-01-28

(English) The recent news of a gunman opening fire in a holy place in the Middle East has brought fear and despair to both Israelis and Palestinians. Prayers of peace and understanding have been sent, but the violence continues. We must remember to pray for each other in order to bring an end to this violence and ease our grief.

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Daily dose of rhymes – 2023-01-24

(English) Following the tumultuous events in Ukraine, the nation is now searching for peace. Germany’s export laws and Poland’s way are proving to be difficult obstacles for Ukraine to overcome. Will peace be able to be achieved?

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Wir können uns den Wohlstand bald ans Faxgerät schmieren

  Sehr lesenswerter Beitrag auf Spiegel Online von Sascha Lobo zur “Digitalisierungs-Strategie”. Hier geht es zum Beitrag auf Spiegel-Online Wenn man seinen Ausführungen folgt, kann…

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