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月度归档: 2023 年 1 月

Daily dose of rhymes – 2023-01-31

(English) Have you ever stopped to appreciate the beauty of the night sky and the twinkling of the stars? The power of the stars is undeniable, as they can even put the Moon and Sun out if they ever doubt. Learn more about the power of the stars and their impact on our world.

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Daily dose of rhymes – 2023-01-29

(English) Algebra, a mathematical tool used to solve equations and calculate, began in the 9th century with Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi in Baghdad. The Arabic word al-jabr, meaning the reunion of broken parts, references the subject matter of algebra and its purpose. Learn about the history of algebra and its relevance today.

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带有WeMos、RC522、Homie MQTT和NodeRED的乐高外壳的RFID扫描器

(English) Another link to an interesting report about a project in which a RC522 RFID reader was installed as an input station in a LEGO housing, the whole thing then very thoughtfully implemented with a microcontroller on 8266 basis and RasPi and software-side with Homie MQTT and implemented in NodeRED.

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购买和改装丰田 MR2 (SW20) 的指南

Toyota MR2 W2

加速您的旅程:购买和改装丰田 MR2 (SW20) 的指南

丰田 MR2 有时被称为 W20 或 SW20,是车迷中很受欢迎的选择。
以下是购买者在购买和改装 SW20 时应注意的事项。

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Daily dose of rhymes – 2023-01-28

(English) The recent news of a gunman opening fire in a holy place in the Middle East has brought fear and despair to both Israelis and Palestinians. Prayers of peace and understanding have been sent, but the violence continues. We must remember to pray for each other in order to bring an end to this violence and ease our grief.

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1969 年的 Mustang Mach 1:经典的美国肌肉车

野马马赫 1

1969 年的 Mustang Mach 1 是一款传奇的美国肌肉车,最初推出时非常受欢迎。1969 年生产的所有 Mustang 中有 24% 是 Mach 1,该车型年共售出 299,824 辆 Mustang。与前几季的销量相比,这个不足30万的数字显得有些压抑。但想一想:到 1969 年,野马面临来自雪佛兰科迈罗、庞蒂亚克火鸟、普利茅斯梭子鱼、AMC 标枪,甚至水星的 Cougar 的竞争。很明显,小马车概念是多么受欢迎,因为在繁忙的市场上每个人都有空间。即使销量没有达到顶峰,野马也享有盛誉并且广为人知。

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(English) Imagine a thought bubble above a fashion designer’s head as they ponder the age-old question of whether art and fashion are like oil and water or peanut butter and jelly. This sketch is a sneak peek into the designer’s mind, and a reminder that fashion is an art form, and art is always in fashion.

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