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月度归档: 2023 年 2 月

Daily dose of rhymes – 2023-02-27

(English) This poem speaks of the shape of one’s heart and the beauty that lies within it. From the darkness and light that plays in the tapestry of the soul to the passion and love that embraces it, this poem celebrates the beauty of the human heart.

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获取每日笑话 GUI:用于每日幽默剂量的简单 Python 程序

你需要每日幽默吗?您想以愉快的笑声开始新的一天吗?看看 Get Daily Joke GUI 就知道了。这个简单的 Python 程序从 jokeAPI 中获取一个笑话并将其显示在一个窗口中,让您只需单击几下即可轻松获得每日幽默剂量。


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Listing the top-size files with python

List Top File-size Files

This Python script is designed to list the top files by size on a file drive (under Windows-OS), as determined by the user.


In order to use this script, you must have Python 3 installed on your system. You will also need to have the os and sys modules installed.

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