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Singapore Marina Bay Sands

一位新加坡 TikTok 明星在记忆中进行虚拟旅行


您不会相信这个来自新加坡的家伙在Google 地图上发现了什么!他无意中发现了他祖母的一张旧照片,现在每当他感到有点忧郁时,他都会快速虚拟地去看望她。而且告诉你,这位奶奶可是名副其实的过街大佬!


black forest





Baden-Baden Old Town Goldenes Kreuz Nightshot taken on 2023-02-02




How rating platforms can be tricked 🙂

London's best restaurant

On Tripadvisor, the garden arbor of a reporter for the Vice magazine became London's best restaurant. Oobah Butler, the name of the reporter, had planned it for a long time ago. The ingredients: a website, a logo, and exclusivity (no address, tables by appointment only). Butler uploaded softly drawn photos of his dishes, which he called "contemplation," "desire," and "love." In fact, these consisted of shaving cream, colored toilet blocks and rinsing sponges. Ordered 5-star reviews from his friends made "The Shed at Dulwich" go up in the TripAdvisor rankings. After a few weeks, Butler's gazebo was among the best 10,000 restaurants in the city, after three months at number 156. After six months, the arbor of the last (18 149) had climbed to first place - although a restaurant had never existed before and never had served a dish. "If I can turn my garden into London's best restaurant, then almost anything is possible," said Butler.

Worst restaurant on Yelp

Davide Cerretini, the owner of the Italian restaurant "Botto Bistro" in Richmond, California, took the opposite route. He wanted to be the restaurant with the worst rating on Yelp. Cerretini spent about $ 250 a month advertising on the portal until he realized it did not do much. When he booked no more ads, 5-star ratings had disappeared, 1-star ratings would have increased, he recalled later. He felt bullied and wondered: What happens if I just reverse the power of the portal? He gave every guest who valued his restaurant a single star up to 50% off a pizza. More than 3000 1-star ratings came together like this. The idea arose: The Bistro became the worst restaurant on Yelp - and a viral hit. Cerretini said, "It takes great chefs, great talent, and a great experience to get a Michelin star, but getting a 1-star rating on Yelp requires a lot more."



研究人员再次进行了研究,这里发现了关于所揭示的不同语言的语速的有趣发现。 该报告可在此处阅读。