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Spice jar for grenade-sharp things

Since more and more bags and packaging of various spices occured on our spice rack , I was looking for some beautiful and practical spice jars.


3D- printable should be the most important feature of the object, so my first stop in Internet research was once again. There I noticed an admittedly unusual design of a spice jar in the form of a hand grenade.

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三星Galaxy Note 4智能手机套适用于柔性灯丝

For my smartphone Galaxy Note 4 i’ve already tried many cases to print and use. Pretty much everything that’s offered on thingiverse at designs, I’ve tried. So far, unfortunately, there was none created/designed especially for flexible filament like TPU or similar.
That’s why I created this design with the Fusion360 software. Since I am not yet a Fusion360 professional, it was also a very good training to familiarize myself with this very complex CAD tool.

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长期以来一直在为汽车寻找合适且易于打印的智能手机支架。 设计应尽可能灵活,适应不同的智能手机尺寸,稳定且易于拆卸。 对于后一种要求,我终于到达了通风槽的附件,在这种情况下,特别是附件的稳定设计和实心印刷是重要的。

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