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带有WeMos、RC522、Homie MQTT和NodeRED的乐高外壳的RFID扫描器

(English) Another link to an interesting report about a project in which a RC522 RFID reader was installed as an input station in a LEGO housing, the whole thing then very thoughtfully implemented with a microcontroller on 8266 basis and RasPi and software-side with Homie MQTT and implemented in NodeRED.

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Raspberry Smarthome 服务器上的 MQTT 服务器 mosquitto 无法启动

(English) Mosquitto server start problem: Having problems with your Mosquitto MQTT server on Raspberry Pi? This article will walk you through the troubleshooting process to get it running again. Learn more about the causes of the issue and the easy solution to fix it.

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RFID:使用IBM BlueMIX技术在NodeRED环境中集成RFID的教程

(English) The linked Tutorial gives a brief overview of all the steps that are necessary to integrate a RC522 RFID Reader via Raspberry PI into NodeRED environment using IBM Bluemix services, watson IOT and nodes.

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