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Excellent Book for Logic Pro Users

As I’m a big fan of the apple software Logic Pro X, which I strongly recommend to all Apple Users as a Must- Have, I was searching for a good documentation or tutorial on this brilliant software.

Of course, there are lots of tutorials for free on YouTube and other websites, but most of them only cover special features of Logic, I didn’t found any tutorial or documentation that covered all or most of the important features of Logic Pro. But then I checked amazon and found this awesome piece, which I strongly recommend to everyone who wants to get a more detailed description and very well done tutorials.

The book was written by David Nahmani and its title is ‘Logic Pro X Professional Music Production’.

If you want to give it a try you can find it on amazon or any other book store. Best of all it is also available as eBook, just check the link below:

Link to the book:

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