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Effective Learning, Learning Methodologies, Memorization Techniques, Learning by Doing

Table of Contents

Learning Strategies: Tips for Effective Learning

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Abstraction, Working Memory, Multidimensional Thinking, Complex Ideas, Neural Connections: Understand Abstraction's Crucial Role in the Mind & Memory.Improve your learning with repetition and smart habits like getting enough sleep, staying organized and taking breaks.Understand the difference between Working Memory and Long Term Memory, learn how to develop Long Term Memory and benefit from the power of stories for memory retention.Celebrate Women's History Month and learn about notable women who have made a difference and the challenges that women still face today.

March: Women’s History Month

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions that women have made throughout history. From science to politics, arts to athletics, women have played a crucial role in shaping the world we live in today. In this blog post, we will explore the history and significance of Women's History Month and highlight some of the notable women who have made a difference.

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Daily dose of rhymes - 2023-02-09

poem antimatter 2023-02-09 I stand in awe of the mystery of life and the transformative power of death, as matter and antimatter collide, releasing energy in its final breath. Like a phoenix, from the ashes it rises, reborn from its own destruction; a symbol of hope, resilience and renewal in our darkest hour.

Literal Meaning

The poem is about the concept of antimatter and its implications for life beyond death. It explores the idea that, just as antimatter annihilates matter and releases energy, death can be seen as a transformation of life energy into something new.

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Antimatter has been a fascinating topic for scientists and the public alike. It gives us a glimpse into a possible parallel universe, and now it has been connected to the idea of life after death. Learn more about the relationship between antimatter and consciousness, and the possibility of existence in an antimatter realm. 2023-02-08

Antimatter and Life Beyond Death: An Exploration

Antimatter has been a fascinating topic for both scientists and the public since its discovery in the early 1900s. It gives us a glimpse into a possible parallel universe where everything is the opposite of what we know. But what exactly is antimatter, and how does it relate to the idea of life after death?

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Australia's Radioactive Mishap: How Often Does It Happen? 2023-02-05

Australia’s Recent Radioactive Mishap: A Laughing Matter?

Happens more often than you think

Recently, Australia had a bit of a kerfuffle when they lost a radioactive capsule. People were shocked and horrified, but here's the real shocker: radioactive material goes missing more often than you think!

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Singapore Marina Bay Sands

A Singaporean TikTok Star Takes a Virtual Trip Down Memory Lane

A Singaporean TikTok Star Takes a Virtual Trip Down Memory Lane

You won't believe what this guy from Singapore found on Google Maps! He stumbled upon an old photo of his grandmother and now every time he feels a bit blue, he just takes a quick virtual visit to see her. And let us tell you, this grandma was a real street-crossing boss!

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gaslight 20230201

Gaslighting 101: 6 Warning Signs You're Being 'Gas Lit'!

6 Signs of Gaslighting 🪔

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation where a person or group of people make someone question their sanity, memory, and/or perception. It can leave the victim feeling confused, isolated, and helpless. Here are some signs of gaslighting.

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