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We will place all reports on do-it-yourself activities and renovations here.

img 20190429_232443-1050695026.jpgimg grenade spice jar

Spice jar for grenade-sharp things

Since more and more bags and packaging of various spices occured on our spice rack , I was looking for some beautiful and practical spice jars.


3D- printable should be the most important feature of the object, so my first stop in Internet research was once again. There I noticed an admittedly unusual design of a spice jar in the form of a hand grenade.

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And the Oscar goes to...OPENSCAD !

Configurable Oscar statue for self-printing on 3D printer

img oscar openSCAD 02

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Lotus blossom from the 3D printer

This beautiful lotus blossom was 3D-printed with very favorable PLA filament in interesting green camouflage shade:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone cases for flexible filament

For my smartphone Galaxy Note 4 i've already tried many cases to print and use. Pretty much everything that's offered on thingiverse at designs, I've tried. So far, unfortunately, there was none created/designed especially for flexible filament like TPU or similar.
That's why I created this design with the Fusion360 software. Since I am not yet a Fusion360 professional, it was also a very good training to familiarize myself with this very complex CAD tool.

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Phoneholder for car vents

For a long time was looking for a suitable and easy to print smartphone holder for the car. The design should be as flexible as possible adaptable to different smartphone dimensions, be stable and easily removable. For the latter requirement, I finally arrived at the attachment to the ventilation slot, in which case, in particular, the stable design and solid print of the attachment is important.

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F35-style phone-stand

Printed this nice phone stand scaled bigger with some cheap pla filament in transparent and grey with filament change, needed some few support structures, took about 5 1/2 hours to print on my anycubic i3 mega, but result was worth it.

Link to the design on #Thingiverse

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filament spool drawer customizable

Customizable spool drawers to recycle empty filament spools

3D printing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and as more people dive into the world of 3D printing, they are facing the problem of what to do with the empty filament spools that are generated after printing. These spools are not biodegradable and simply throwing them away is not environmentally friendly. But, the good news is that there are creative ways to repurpose these empty spools and turn them into useful objects.

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3D-Print of blocks of FlexMesh snapped together

The following hob cover was "clicked" together from parts of a thingiverse available design. The original design on thingiverse can be found here.

Photos of the finished print and assembled design:

FlexMesh blocks snapped together for cover of induction hob from #Thingiverse

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3D printing of ceramic material - Exciting developments in the 3D printing sector

The Internet portal All3DP writes in an interesting article about a Kickstarter campaign to finance a low-cost 3D ceramic printer:

"As anyone who has sat for hours molding pottery by hand can attest to, ceramic 3D printing has the potential to provide the world of art and architecture with untapped creativity. At the moment, there is a finite amount of solutions involving ceramic 3D printing technology, but nonetheless, this niche market is growing steadily."


All in all, a very interesting and worth reading report about this exciting development in the 3D area. Click here for the full article on

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Video: 3D- Print of double wall Tealight-Holder voronized, very beautiful and decorative !

3D-Print of a beautiful Tealight Holder printed with white PLA 1.75 mm.

It is double walled in Voroni- style that gives nice effects when a tealight is placed in it, the bottom is designed to hold a standard tealight.

Although i know PLA is not the best material for this object due to the higher temperature inside of a tealight, maybe i make another print in abs later. Object was sliced with CURA, no support, but raft needed for better bed adhesion and stability during the printing process.

Printed with anycubic i3 mega, 0.8mm nozzle, 195° nozzle temp, no heatbed, printing time was more then 5 hours, kaisertech filament white was used.

Link to the video '3d-print Tealightholder' on youtube

For more information feel free to give me a comment, thumbs up on youtube would be nice 😉

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Video: Rodin - Thinker - as 3D Print, Voroni-style

3D- Print of a little Rodin- like statue - Thinker - voronized to save printing material 😉

Printed with kaisertech black PLA 1.75mm on an anycubic i3 mega 3D-Printer 0.8mm nozzle, 195° nozzle Temp., no heatbed, on buildplate with Tape, without any support or raft needed.

Result was quite nice, some stringing, (don't know exactly the reason, maybe PLA-Problems). Sliced with CURA, Timelapse video was generated by the wonderful octoprint. Further questions give me a comment, thumbs up on youtube would be nice, enjoy.


Link to the video '3d-print Rodin - Thinker' on youtube

For more information feel free to give me a comment, thumbs up on youtube would be nice 😉

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Video: 3D- Print of intertwined hands

This is a 3D Print of 2 Hands intertwined. Printed on an anycubic i3 mega 3D-Printer with white PLA 1.75mm. 0.8mm nozzle, 195° nozzle temp. no heatbed, printed on tape for better bed adhesion ( i found out that this method is for me the most reliable for this printer, printing on ultrabase print bed with heated bed very often didn't work and furthermore consumes lots of electricity. Nozzle size may be to big for this type of print but i was too lazy to change prior printing this object. The object needed some support, i reduced the amount that cura typically generates by increasing the overhang threshold to 70°.)

Density of support was also reduced to 10 %, although it was still quite difficult to remove it from the object after printing, maybe next time i'll reduce density to 5% for this object. Video was generated by the wonderful octoprint with time-lapse utility.

Link to the video '3d-print intertwined hands' on youtube

For more information feel free to give me a comment, thumbs up on youtube would be nice 😉

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