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Month: April 2019

Mini picture frame from the 3D printer


For smaller pictures, photos, etc. you often need a matching picture frame to the photo, the drawing etc. As a 3D printer owner, it should make sense to use CAD software to design your own picture frame and then print it out on your 3D printer.
Furthermore, the CAD design process can be a good exercise for improving your CAD-Software-Skills.  In our example, an already existing picture frame made of wood in the small rectangular  format approx. 140 x 140mm is used as a template:

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Spice jar for grenade-sharp things

Since more and more bags and packaging of various spices occured on our spice rack , I was looking for some beautiful and practical spice jars.


3D- printable should be the most important feature of the object, so my first stop in Internet research was once again. There I noticed an admittedly unusual design of a spice jar in the form of a hand grenade.

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