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11.5.2016: Delay IC2365- 12min, ICE79- 38min.

One Way Baden-Baden – Karlsruhe with IC2365 6:16 allegedly due to failure at Level crossing approx 12min. later achieved connecting ICE to Frankfurt with difficulty, train announcement in IC meant mistakenly ICE is no longer available !

Return Frankfurt – Baden-Baden Schd with ICE 79 18:05, in Frankfurt already 15min.. Delay. In Baden-Baden then 38 min. Delay, so then also the second connection to Buhl missed, the actual at 19:30 was already gone long ago, but the S-Bahn direction Buhl at 20:05 was missed too by about 3 minutes. So again waiting, waiting, waiting …. and at 20:30 the train came. Arrival was at Bühl at 20:40. So a total of more than 60 minutes later than scheduled !!!
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