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Train delay, Reason: engine driver is absent !!

16.8.2017 in the ICE 79 at station Frankfurt-Süd,

18:15: the ICE79 already has a delay of almost 15 minutes, then he finally arrived in Frankfurt South. While all passengers are waiting for the departure, it is announced, that unfortunately it can not go any further. Reason: disruption in the course of the business, uhm, (then comes the REAL truth) “we are still waiting for our train driver”, if it was’nt that sad, one would have to laugh at it, especially because of the very rare and disarming honesty. Most of the time, the Deutsche Bahn is hiding behind well-known slogans such as “disturbance in the operating sequence”, “technical disturbance”, “passenger on track”.

Well, let’s wait and see when he comes and wants to start his work, the wanted one!

Update: It’s 18.46 am 16.8.2017 and it can start, the driver seems to have been found, signs and miracles still happen!

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