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Tips for the night shift

Some useful Tips, to get through your night shift:

  1. Bright lighting.

    Help your body stay awake by making your workspace as bright as possible.

  2. Little coffee.

    Drink the coffee a few hours before the beginning of the night shift, since it takes some time for the effect to unfold. Do not drink coffee at the end of the night shift. Its effect can continue into the morning hours and hinder the fall asleep. A cool glass of water also does it.

  3. A lot of movement.

    Better than coffee helps to move. Especially if you experience your personal depth and notice that you are getting tired, you should get up and move. Stretch, briefly stand your legs and grab fresh air if possible.

  4. Light meal.

    Avoid substantial food during the night shift or shortly before. This will help you digest your body. In many people, this means that you become sluggish and tired and thus fall into the so-called Schnitzelkoma. Instead, choose light foods such as lettuce, yoghurt, curd, and the like.

  5. Stay busy.

    Avoid idling, because idleness and waiting makes you tired. If, for example, you are waiting for your work, deal with smaller tasks. In many companies, the night shift performs many tasks for which the day service has no time.

  6. Before getting used to it.

    Help your body adjust to the change by going to bed late the day before the night shift and sleeping longer. Then the change is not so abrupt.

Tips for sleeping after the night shift

    1. Care for darkness

      Wear sunglasses when you leave your workplace and it is already bright outside. This prevents your body from being programmed for the day. At home, you should darken your bedroom to make it easier to fall asleep.

    2. Provide rest

      After the stressful night service, your body first needs recovery. Make sure you can sleep undisturbed. Close the windows to avoid noise and turn your phone on. If your house is sound, it can help to turn on music to distract from the sounds or to use ear plugs. In order for you to relax, you should set important dates as far as possible in the afternoon.

    3. Ask for consideration

      So that you can sleep undisturbed, you also tell your private environment when you have night shift. Friends, acquaintances, and neighbors can take more care and you will not be annoyed by the fact that your neighbor mows the lawn when you try to fall asleep.

    4. Do not force yourself to sleep.

      Do not go to bed until you get tired. Try to fall asleep and fall asleep with all your power, you will usually have little success with it. Instead, they will be rolling from one side to the other, constantly looking at the clock. But you’re just under pressure. If you are not tired yet, it can help you read something or listen to a little music. Wait until fatigue sets itself.

    5. Enter a ritual.

      Help your body to distinguish when you sleep and when you want to be awake. This can be, for example, a lukewarm shower before going to bed or a specific audiobook. Over time your body will adjust and you will automatically get tired.

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