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Video: 3D- Print of intertwined hands

This is a 3D Print of 2 Hands intertwined. Printed on an anycubic i3 mega 3D-Printer with white PLA 1.75mm. 0.8mm nozzle, 195° nozzle temp. no heatbed, printed on tape for better bed adhesion ( i found out that this method is for me the most reliable for this printer, printing on ultrabase print bed with heated bed very often didn’t work and furthermore consumes lots of electricity. Nozzle size may be to big for this type of print but i was too lazy to change prior printing this object. The object needed some support, i reduced the amount that cura typically generates by increasing the overhang threshold to 70°.)

Density of support was also reduced to 10 %, although it was still quite difficult to remove it from the object after printing, maybe next time i’ll reduce density to 5% for this object. Video was generated by the wonderful octoprint with time-lapse utility.

Link to the video ‘3d-print intertwined hands’ on youtube

For more information feel free to give me a comment, thumbs up on youtube would be nice 😉

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