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Customer and Keyword Search: A Guide to Optimizing Your Website

Optimize your site with keywords

Before you dive into optimizing your website with keywords, it’s essential to understand the type of visitors you want to attract. This way, you can tailor your approach to align with their preferences and create content that will hold maximum appeal to them. Customer research is a valuable tool that helps you understand the phrases and terms people use when searching for products or information related to your niche.

Create customer persona

Creating a customer persona is an important step in SEO and online marketing. A customer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer, and it includes details such as age, gender, interests, and more. Knowing your customer persona will help you create products that they will want to buy, as well as structure your content in a way that is most appealing to them.

HubSpot offers a free tool called “Make My Persona” that can make the process of creating a customer persona much easier. By using this tool, you can create an in-depth profile of your ideal customer in a matter of minutes.

Conduct keyword research

Once you have created your customer persona, the next step is to conduct keyword research. Keyword research involves discovering the keywords and phrases your ideal customer uses when searching for products or information related to your niche. These keywords can be split into two main categories: product keywords and informational keywords. For example, if you have an online store selling yoga pants, your product keywords might include “yoga pants,” “free delivery,” “yoga pants for curvy women,” and “Adidas yoga pants.” On the other hand, if you were writing a blog post about yoga positions, your informational keywords might be “yoga positions for weight loss,” “how to perform yoga,” and “proper yoga posture.”


There are several tools you can use to perform better keyword research, including Google’s autocomplete tool, Answer the Public, and keyword research tools. Google’s autocomplete tool provides search suggestions related to your topic as you type, giving you ideas for keywords to include in your content. Answer the Public is a free tool that is especially useful for discovering informational keywords and phrases. Keyword research tools help you determine the popularity of your chosen keyword and the competition you face to rank for it.


To summarize, customer and keyword research are essential components of SEO and online marketing. By creating a customer persona, conducting keyword research, and using the right tools, you can optimize your website for search engines and attract your ideal customers.

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