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Daily dose of rhymes – 2023-03-13

He was a man with wealth and fame, but deep down, he felt a constant shame. Freedom, to him, was just another word, for something he could not afford. He gave it all away, to strangers on the street, and found true happiness, in the stories he was told.

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三月是女性历史月,是庆祝和表彰女性在整个历史上所做出贡献的时刻。 从科学到政治,从艺术到体育,女性在塑造我们今天生活的世界方面发挥了至关重要的作用。 在这篇博文中,我们将探讨妇女历史月的历史和意义,并重点介绍一些有所作为的著名女性。

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