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Harmony Of Creation

Digital bw Sketch

This is a hand-drawn mostly black and white sketch of a woman who sits in her studio, surrounded by her latest creations. She is a sculptor, and her work is a reflection of who she is. Every curve and line is a manifestation of her thoughts and feelings, crafted with her hands and shaped by her mind.

The digital painting is available for purchase on OpenSea Marketplace as NFT.

I wanted to capture the intensity of the sculptor’s focus and the emotion that goes into each piece. The sketch is simple yet powerful, conveying the passion and dedication that goes into creating something new. The focus of the sketch is on the woman’s posture and the sculptures surrounding her, highlighting the physicality of the sculpting process and the relationship between the artist and her creations.

The use of black and white emphasizes the stark contrast between the sculptor’s focus and the clutter of her studio. So to convey the idea that the sculptor’s work is a reflection of herself, and the sculptures are an extension of her mind and emotions.

The sketch is an intimate look into the creative process of a sculptor, and it serves as a reminder that art is not only about the final piece, but also about the journey of creating it.

Just follow the link : Harmony Of Creation – OpenSea NFT

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