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Customizing Number- Ranges for Plant- Maintenance in SAP

As an SAP professional in my company, I have the privilege of diving into the depths of our SAP Plant Maintenance System and customizing it to our specific needs. Every day presents new and exciting tasks that require a certain level of expertise and attention to detail, but with each challenge comes a newfound appreciation for the power of SAP.

Identifying Number Ranges for a New Section in Plant Maintenance

One such task that frequently arises in my day-to-day operations is the identification of number ranges for a new section in our Plant Maintenance system. This new section will have its own set of Order-types, Notification-Types, Maintenance-Plans, and Equipments, each requiring their own unique number range. In a typical SAP environment, the number ranges are managed by the SAP Transport System, but in our case, they must be maintained separately in each system (development, test, or production) via Transaction SNRO.

Customizing Range Objects for Equipment, Orders, Maintenance Plans, and Notifications

To ensure that we have the correct number ranges in place, we must first determine which range objects need to be customized. In this case, these objects are:

  • EQUIP_NR for Equipment numbers
  • AUFTRAG for Order-Types
  • MPLA_NR for Maintenance-Plans
  • QMEL_NR for Notification-Types

Once we have identified these objects, we can then proceed with customizing them via Transaction SNRO in each SAP system.


In conclusion, the process of identifying and customizing number ranges in our SAP Plant Maintenance System may seem tedious, but it is a crucial step in ensuring that our operations run smoothly. Through this task, I am reminded of the importance of paying close attention to detail and the incredible power that SAP provides to streamline our operations.

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